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Video Testing

Video Testing Procedures

The White Tiger Kenpo Association provides several services to enhance the art of Kenpo Karate. We believe that no one should be prevented from enjoying the advancement in Kenpo because of economics, location, or not being with the 'in' crowd.

We believe that there should never be a charge for testing. In this way, your rank will be earned - not bought. Personal instructors are the best way to learn any martial art. However, our Complete Kenpo Home Study Course is presented in such an instructional manner, that you will feel as if you are in a actual lesson. If you are attentive to the instruction, self critical and self driven, you will find that your progress will match anyone in a studio setting. In fact, we have found that many students testing via videotape 'over-prepare' for tests compared to some of our students that we teach in person.

Our tests are hard, but fair. We want to see that you know the material well enough for advancement and well enough to apply in combat situations.

Just mail us your Testing application along with your a recording of your test on VHS or DVD

Testing Protocol

When you feel that you know the material for the rank that you are attempting well enough to apply in a combat situation, then you are invited to demonstrate your skills in a test for rank promotion. Follow these guidelines to be considered for advancement. Click here for a listing of the requirements that are expected at each belt level or click here to download the Kenpo Belt Requirement sheets

  1. Find a setting that will allow you to perform all of your movements without having to adjust your position.

  2. Most video cameras allow a time display run while the camera is taping. Set the cameras date and time. Once the test begins, there is to be no breaks. If you make a mistake, either tape the complete test again, or continue with the mistake on the tape. This is what would happen if you were to test in person.

  3. To begin, state your name clearly and announce what rank that you are testing for.

  4. Place the testing Audio CD into a CD player. This CD will call off the techniques that are required for the belt you are testing for. If you are testing for brown or Black belt you must test in person. A list of requirements on the Technique Requirement Sheets.

  5. Execute the technique slowly facing the camera once. Perform the technique as fast as possible (retaining good from) once. And then perform the technique once at medium speed with a partner. The partner is needed for your own sake of being able to apply the movements to actual combat.

  6. Perform all the techniques for the belt that you are attempting as above. As well as any basics or kata

  7. Close by stating that your test is complete and is now submitted for evaluation.

  8. Send your video test to the address listed below. Be sure to make a copy for yourself, all video test are retainedin our archive for proof of legitimacy.

Once your test is graded, you will be notified by e-mail if you have an e-mail service, or by U.S. Postal Service if you do not have e-mail. Be sure to send a self addressed, stamped envelop if you want notification by the U.S. Postal Service. Results are usually available within two weeks or less. Results will then be posted on the internet under Student Promotions.



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