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"The Peace of the Open Palm, Balanced by a Well Formed Fist."

Shihan Jim Rathbone copyrighted© 1993

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     This is my study and research into the martial art of Kenpo. As I find them I will provide you a link to the video clip. I will also be adding notes and a written description of each technique as I can. If anyone would like to add a clip of them doing one of the techniques or any history or information you would like to share please feel free to email so that I can add it to this database.

American Kenpo Techniques

White Tiger Kenpo Techniques

Tracy Kenpo Techniques

Yellow Belt
Yellow Belt
Yellow Belt
Delayed Sword Japanese Sword AB
Alternating Maces Chinese Sword AB
Sword of Destruction Delayed Sword
Deflecting Hammer Knee of Vengeance
Captured Twigs Fang of the Cobra
The Grasp of Death Twisting talon AB
Checking the Storm Returning Dragon
Mace of Aggression Breaking the Sword
Attacking Mace Kenpo Shield
Sword and Hammer Evasion
Orange Belt
  Attacking the Circle
  Japanese Strangle Hold ABCDE
  Blocking the Kick ABCD
  Headlock ABC
  Crash of the Eagles Pt I ABCDE
  Grasping Talon AB
  Tackle Techniques ABCD
Orange Belt
Clutching Feathers
Orange Belt
Opponent At Sides ABCD
Dance of Death Passing the Horizon AB
Five Swords
Headlock ABC
Kimono Grab AB
Scraping Hoof
Grasping Talon AB
Lever ABC
Lone Kimono Crashing Elbow AB

Locked Wing

Heel Hook
Reversing Mace Bridge AB
Obscure Sword Eagles Beak ABC
Crashing Wings Front Bearhug ABCD
Grip of Death
Heel Hook AB
Obscure Wings
Bending the Sword
Breaking the Cross
Raining Claw Aiming the Spear
Shielding Hammer Raising the Staff
Repeating Mace
Front Bear Hug ABCD
Lowering the Gate AB
Twisted Twig Rocking Elbow
Glancing Salute
Breaking the Cross
Reverse Hammerlock
Striking Serpent's Head Anvil ABCD
Buckling Branch
Raising the Staff ABC
Knee Lift
Crossing Talon Crane Leap ABCD
Triggered Salute
Reverse Hammerlock AB
Driving Elbows AB
Locking Horns Crossing Guard AB
Gift of Destruction
Knee Lift
Thrusting Prongs Purple Belt
Thrusting Salute
Leg Pull
Chokes ABCDE
Purple Belt
Single Leg Takedown
Charging Ram
Outside Leg Reap
Parting wings
Checking the Serpent
Squeezing the Peach  
Captured Leaves
Purple Belt
Evading the Storm
Thundering Hammers
Twirling Wings
Snapping Twig
Leaping Crane
The Blitz ABC
Crushing Hammer
Spiraling Wrist ABC

Circling Wing

Calming the Storm
Bow of Compulsion


Obstructing the Storm
Swinging pendelum
Gift in Return
Cross of Destruction
Twin Kimono
Hooking Wings
Spirling Twig
Opening Cowl AB
Slicing Dragon
Ascending to Heaven
Crossing the Sun
Blue Belt
  Turning the Handle
Blue Belt
Bridging the Gap
Begging Hands Advancing Phoenix AB
Flashing Wings Two Head Serpent
Repeated Devistation Reversing Grasp AB
Sheild and Mace Reaching for the Moon
Tripping Arrow Raising the Sword Flashing Daggers
Fallen Cross   Bending the Limb
Returning Storm
Blue Belt
Wrap Around ABCD
Crossed Twigs Crouching Falcon
Flashing Mace Darting Serpent AB
Hugging Pendulum Silk Wind
Wings of Silk Two Headed Sperpent AB Spreading the Leaves
Gathering of the Clouds Reversing Grasp AB Crossing the Lock
Griping Talon Reaching for the Moon AB Darkness
Snaking Talon Flashing Daggers ABC Spinning from the Sun
Circling the Horizon Bending the Limb AB

Folding the Wings

Gift of Destiny Wrap Around ABC Vise
Destructive Twin Crouching Falcon Swinging Gate
Broken Ram Darting Serpent Stretching the Bow
Twist of Fate Silk Wind Arcing Blades AB
Darting Mace Capturing the Leaves Circle of China
Hooking Wings Crossing the Lock AB Silent Escape AB
  Darkness AB Returning Viper
  Spinning from the Sun AB Returning Thunder

Folding the Wings

The Serpent
  Vise Broken Staff
Green Belt
Dancing with the Flame AB Circling Serpent
Circling Destruction Stretching the Bow Chinese "L" Choke
Twirling Sacrifice Arcing Blades AB 5 Swords
Escape from Death Circle of China  
Obscure Claw Calming the Storm
Green Belt
Circles of Protection Returning Thunder Snapping the Rod
Heavenly Accent Chokes ABCDE Turning the Key
Brushing the Storm The Serpent The Butterfly AB
Menacing Twirl Broken Staff Whirling Warrior ABC
Detour from Doom Circling Serpent AB Flowing Hands
Capturing the Storm Chinese "L" Choke AB Whirling Blades AB
Conquering Shield 5 Swords AB Thrusting Limb ABC
Encounter with Danger   Crossing Hammers ABC
Taming the Mace
Green Belt
2 Man Swinging Gate
Kneel of Compulsion Prayer of the Dragon Sweeping Branches
Cross of Death Turning the Key AB Knee Sweep
Circle of Doom The Butterfly Ab Kung Fu Wrist
Broken Gift Whirling Warrior ABC Stone Warrior AB
Securing the Storm Flowing Hands Praying Mantis
Intercepting the Ram Whirling Blades AB Drums of Manchu
Leap from Danger Whirlwind Sowing the seeds
Glancing Wing Crossing Hammers AB Flashing Wings
Squatting Sacrafice Two man Swinging Gate Parting the Waves AB
Clipping the Storm Shogun AB Winding Limbs ABC
Back Breaker Knee Sweep Brushing Wind
Entagled Wing Kung Fu Cross ABC Thundering Hammers
Defying the Storm Stone Warrior AB Checking the Tide
Raking Mace Praying Mantis AB Crossing the Mountain
Retreating Pendulum Drums of Manchu Whirling Leaves ABC
Thrusting Wedge Sowing the Seeds AB Sweeping Wings
Flashing Wings ABC
Kneeling Tiger
3rd Brown
The Lotus
Thrust into Darkness Attacking the Wall AB
Circling Fans 7 Swords
Rotating Destructions Reversing Hammers
Falcons of Force  
Bear and the Ram
3rd Brown
Glancing Spear Spinning Hammers
Raining Lance Sweeping Wings Dance of Death AB
Protecting Fans Kneeling Tiger Leap of Death
Deceptive Panther The Lotus Miss of the Leap ABCD
Courting the Tiger Attacking the Wall AB Eagle Claw
Gathering the Snakes 7 Swords Eagle Miss
Despretate Falcons Reversing Hammers Foot Rake
Glancing Lance   Sleeper AB
Unfurling the Crane
3rd Brown
Startled Cat AB
Grasping Eagles Spinning Hammers Manchurian Takedown
Dominating Circles Dance of Death AB Shaolin Warrior ABC
Destructive Fan Leap of Death Springing Tiger
Snakes of Wisdom Miss of the Leap ABC Raking the Ground
Parting the Snakes Eagle's Claw Slicing the Knee
Blinding Sacrafise

Eagle Miss AB

Turning the Rod
Entwinded Lance Foot Rake Eagle's Talons
Leap of Death Sleeper AB Crossing Darts
  Startle Cat AB Bending the Staff
  Manchurian Takedown AB Dropping the Staff
  Shoalin Warrior AB The Escape
  Springing Tiger AB Uncovering the Flame AB
  Raking the Ground Opening the Fan AB
2nd Brown
Slicing Knee Double Blades ABCD
Twriling Hammers Beggar Points the Way Clawing Panther
Destructive Kneel Eagle's Talon Spear of Jade ABC
Dance of Darkness Crossing Darts 3 Winds Claw ABCD
Marriage of the Rams Bending the Staff AB 3 Winds Fist ABCD
Ram and the Eagle Dropping the Staff AB Chinese Cobra
Fatal Cross The Escape ABC The Phoenix
Escape from the Storm Uncovering the Flame AB Retreating Phoenix
Unfolding the Dark Opening Fan AB  
Reversing Circles Double Blades  
Falling Falcons Clawing Panther
2nd Brown
  Windstorm AB Hidden Fist AB
  3 Winds Claw Rocker
Black Belt
3 Winds Fist Circling the Sun
Thrusting Lance Chinese Cobra AB Leveling the Clouds
  Spider Captures its Prey Plucking a Bird from the Sky
  Taming the Cobra Sleeves of China
2nd Brown
Monkey Elbow AB
  The Bladed Gift Striking ASP ABC
  Rocker ABC Shooting Star
  Circling The Sun AB Pushing the circle ABC
  Leveling The Clouds Circles of Glass
  Broken Wing Japanese Hands
  Catching The Dragons Tail Waterwheel AB
  Monkey Elbow Tumbling Clouds ABC
  Striking Asp Rising Kick
  Dragon Whips Its Tail  
  Pushing The Circle  
  Circles Of Glass  
  Japanese Hands AB  
  Tumbling Clouds  
  Soaring Hawk  
  The Dragon Flicks Its Tongue  
  Reversing The Cobra  
  Covering The Flame AB  
  Cobra & The Mongoose AB  
  The Crane Stretches Its Wings  
  Dance Of The Mongoose AB  
  Offers Of Dust AB  
  Ming's Sword AB  
  Chinese Fan  
  Locking The Gate AB  
  Circle Of Fire  
  Circle Of Steel  
  Hands Of Death  
  Moment Of Truth  
  Falling Circle  
1st Brown
  Evasion Of The Dragon  
  Bowing To The Dragon  
  The Dragons Hammer  
  The Dagger AB  
  The Mantis  
  Dancing Mantis  
  Sticks Of Satin AB  
  Vipers Coil  
  Advancing Hammers  
  Sweeping Arm Hook  
  Snapping The Twig  
  Breaking The Yoke  
  Prayer Of Death  
  Caught In The Nettles  
  Crane Defends Its Nest  
  Dancing Dragon  
  Capturing The Wind  
  Swinging Pendulum  
  Twisting Staves  
  Guiding The Staff  
  Double Spear ABCD  
  Destructive Wind  
  Whirling Thorn AB  
  Thunder In Darkness  
  Advancing Storm AB  
  Attacking Mantis  
  Dance Of The Dragon  
  Praying At The Wall  
  Dance Of The Crane  
Black Belt
  Chinese Pincers AB  
  Crossing Hooks Falling Hammers
  Turning The Flame AB  
  Stopping The Staff  
  Twisting Vines  
  Breaking The Staves  
  Hands Of Jade  
  Spinning Log  
  Lever Of Ming  
  The Lion AB  
  Double Lance  
  Flashing Of The Tigers Claw  
  Returning Fist  
  Falling Blades  
  Crossing Swords  
  Falling Hammers  
  The Whip  
  Winding Elbows  
  Twisting Serpent  
  Chopping The Log  
  Falling Tree  
  The Python  
  Calming The Waves  
  The Monk And The Tiger  
  Tiger Corners its Prey  
  Turning From The Beggar  
  4 Fist  
  Advancing Dragon AB  
  Vengeance From Above  
2nd Black Belt - Follow Ups
  Stop Hit ABCDE  
  Chinese Sword AB  
  Trapping the Sword AB  
  Knee of Vengeance  
  Twisting Talon ABC  
  Spider Spins its web  
  Windmill Guard A  
  Kung Fu Cross  
  Double Headed Dragon  
  Avenging Swords  
  Reversing Hammers  
  Smothering the Sword  
  Crashing Elbows  
  Raising the Staff  
  Striking Fang  
  Trapping the Sword  
  Wings of Devastation  
  Circling Blades  
  Dropping the Sword  
  Falling Dragon  
  Attack from the Temple  
  Brush with Death  
  Twirling Wings  
  Arm Hook  
  Striking Mace  
  Japanese Strangle Hold  



American Kenpo White Tiger Kenpo Tracy's Kenpo
Short 1 Left/Right - Yellow Short 1 Short 1 - Orange Belt
Long 1 - Orange Long 1 Long 1 - Purple Belt
Short 2 -Purple Long 2 Short 2 - Purple Belt
Long 2 - Blue Short 2 Long 2 - Blue Belt
Short 3 -Green Short 3 Short 3 - Blue Belt
Long 3 - 3rd Brown Short 4 Long 3 - Green Belt
Two Man Set - 2nd Brown Mass Attacks Panther / Book Set - Green Belt
Long 4-2nd Brown Dark Room Staff Long 4 - 3rd Brown
  Long 4 Dark Room Staff - 3rd Brown
  Skylight Staff Tiger and Crane - Tiger & Crane
    Long 5 - 1st Brown
    Mass Attacks -1st Brown
    Long 6
    Two Man Set Right/Left side
    Long 7 - 2nd Black
    Staff Kata #3 - 2nd Black
    Skylight Spear - 2nd Black
    Little Tiger - 3rd Black
    8 Point Spear - 3rd Black
    #1 Sword - 4th Black
    Tam Tui- 4th Black
    #8 Kata
    Finger Set
    Skylight Staff


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