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"The Peace of the Open Palm, Balanced by a Well Formed Fist."

Shihan Jim Rathbone copyrighted© 1993

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     We have made the White Tiger Kenpo System available as a Home Study Programs from which you can study and obtain rank and certification from the privacy of your home. Our Home Study Programs allow you to obtain legitimate rank, recognized by other White Tiger Kenpo Schools. Nothing can replace studying directly under a competent instructor. However, this is the best Home Study Course available if you are unable to find a local Kenpo School. Our system is used by many School owners, association heads, students and instructors.

Complete Home Study Program

This course is set up just like you are in the class room. You will recieve eveything you need to pass Black Belt including the Audio Cd's to practice for the test as well as group class audio cd's to give you a work out. Brown and Black Belt test must be in person.

All Home Study Courses include:

  • Free Promotional Testing
    • Testing Kit which includes the testing audio cd that will call off the techniques for you.
  • Free Certificate upon successful promotion of belt rank
  • A Critique of you test for future improvements
  • Listing of your promotion to our website.
  • Videos
    • Yellow - Black
    • Basics Video
    • Quick reference Video
  • Audio CD's
    • Yellow - Black Audio CD to practice for your test All
    • Group Class Audio Cd so you can practice and get a workout
  • Kenpo manuals
    • Yellow - Black
    • Sparring
    • Ground Fighting / Jujitsu
    • Basic Manual
    • Quick Reference Manual

This is everything that you need to achieve up to Black Belt!



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