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"The Peace of the Open Palm, Balanced by a Well Formed Fist."

Shihan Jim Rathbone copyrighted© 1993

White Tiger Kenpo Builds Confidence

The White Tiger Kenpo Jujits instructor will always be fair in their assessments. Belts are earned through standard posted requirements—not through favor, attendance, "automatic" time progressions, or worst of all--simply paying a required fee in order to advance to higher levels of learning and instruction.

Remember your last job presentation? Or if you’re still in school, think of your last exam. If you weren't’t prepared you entered the room nervous and upset, doubting you could succeed. If you had all your facts organized, you were eager to show what you could do. In life you may not know when you will be called upon to defend yourself or put your skills into action, but because of your training at White Tiger Kenpo Jujits you will be confident that when the time arrives you will be able to perform successfully. Your Kenpo self defense training will enable you to face dangerous situations without panicking. Knowing you are prepared will give you confidence so you can calmly assess the situation, and focus your efforts for maximum efficacy. Training with White Tiger Kenpo Jujits develops confidence in your physical abilities as well as in your mental judgment and ability to take in and assess situations. This confidence developed from true self defense martial arts training will carry through with all of your life’s activities.

The Intelligent Art of Self-Defense does not rely on brute strength to overpower the attacker, but rather teaches the student to use his mental abilities to assess the situation and decide what the best course of action should be. A student of White Tiger Kenpo Jujits is instructed on how to assess a situation before it has escalated to a danger point. Like an expert Chess player, the White Tiger student learns how to predict what moves his opponent has available to him and what moves he will then take to counter those moves. This is the very heart of martial sciences known today more commonly as martial arts. Knowing that the body moves in predictable patterns and full knowledge of what those patterns are and how to counter them. The White Tiger student does not get “taken by surprise.” He or she is trained to be always alert and observant. They are totally aware of their surroundings and how to use the terrain to their advantage; what locations will make them more vulnerable; what they can use to their advantage. Using applied physics of motion, brute strength is not a necessity, so White Tiger Kenpo Jujits can be used successfully by not only large men, but by average sized and small people as well, including women. Practicing White Tiger Kenpo Jujits will improve strength for all and improve reflexes and mental alertness.



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