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"The Peace of the Open Palm, Balanced by a Well Formed Fist."

Shihan Jim Rathbone copyrighted© 1993

Welcome To White Tiger Kenpo:
Kenpo offers the ultimate in Self-Defense. White Tiger has been dedicated to teaching quality Martial Arts for over 20 years. Here at White Tiger Kenpo we have programs to fit the needs of the Individual, family, and groups.

Lastly, we invite you to read about Kenpo on this site and email us if you have any questions.

Kenpo Technique Catalog

over the next several month I am going to add an example of every Kenpo technique I can find from not only our system but I will include American Kenpo and Tracy's Kenpo systems as well. Keep checking back as it will be updated on a weekly basis. Click here to start exploring.

Learn White Tiger Kenpo as a Distant Student

Home Study Course: Is for someone that wants to learn in the privacy of their own home and at their own pace and schedule. All you need to do is purchase the the dvd's for the level you are trying to achieve and when you are ready you send us a video to test. You can also save money by purchasing the complete set. Click here to learn more about our Kenpo Home Study Program.

Everyone is welcome at White Tiger Kenpo Jujits:

At White Tiger Kenpo Jujits anyone who has a desire to learn the martial arts are welcome to study this efficient martial arts system, a style with roots in China, Japan, Okinawa, and early 20th century Hawaii. We study the style known as White Tiger Kenpo Jujits, developed by founder Jim Rathbone Soke.

Your martial arts journey here allows us the chance to share meaningful information about the precision and effectiveness of martial art training in Kenpo Jujits. It is our sincere hope your visit provides you with an enhanced perspective of who we are, along with a basic understanding of our martial art style. Regardless of the martial art you currently study or have previously studied, the martial discipline of Kenpo Jujits (Jujitsu) has significant value as an added martial arts skill, or as a stand alone martial art form of self defense.

Kenpo is the original Mixed Martial Arts or MMA

Kenpo karate is a unique mixed martial art or MMA that traces it's near history to the Pa lama settlement on Oahu, Hawaii. It is based on approximately 150 self defense patterns cataloged by the members of the Black Belt Society, whose members included William Chow who was Adriano Emperado (Kenpo) instructor, Walter Choo (Karate), Joe Holck (Judo), Frank Ordonez (Jujutsu), and George C. Chang. Ed Parker another of William Chow's student brought Kenpo to the U.S. in the 1950's and established American Kenpo as his style. The Tracy Brothers who were Parker students established the Tracy Kenpo based on these same techniques. The true origins of these self defense patterns are unknown but many theories and legends abound.

Why we use Jujits in our name

The term Jujits that we use in White Tiger Kenpo Jujits was the Japanese pronunciation used prior to WWII. The American pronunciation was adopted just as many idioms and transliterations were adopted into the Japanese language.
The Term Jujits refers to our training methods not the use of grappling as the primary martial techniques
Kenpo was the original Mixed Martial Art also know know as MMA. It has become a well respected system. But it began as 150 self defense patterns cataloged by the Black Belt Society.

What is the differences between White Tiger Kenpo and other forms of Kenpo or Kenpo
  • The primary difference is the use of circular power patterns or soft style vs. the linear or hard style of the Tracy's or American Kenpo. This is primarily based on the study of Bruce Lee's power patterns and deceptive movement theory as taught to Shihan Jim Rathbone by Joe Lewis. Joe Lewis was World Professional Heavy Weight Champion full contact karate. For over 10 years Lewis was undefeated.
  • We incorporate the use of deceptive movement theory into not just karate style sparring but all initiation of techniques.
  • The way we train is much more like Kajukenbo, jujitsu or judo, making sure each student understands fully the hands on mechanics of each technique and can use his or her knowledge in the street. We don't karate spar we Kenpo spar using the techniques.
  • While White Tiger Kenpo is primary a standing self defense system, we understand and teach ground fighting. We have incorporated, chokes and strangles, locks and dislocation and other Jujits finishing techniques into the curriculum from DiatoRyu Aki Jujitsu blending them into the Kenpo self defense techniques.

If you are interested in professional one on one training under a qualified black belt, not you and 40 other people (or kids) trying to see what's going on. No waiting for your two minutes with the instructor.

Kenpo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

If you still have questions about White Tiger Kenpo check out our FAQ's for answers to your questions

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Kenpo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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